Thursday, September 28, 2006

Huh, who's Jesus?

Hi, how is everyone? I'm good, I just finished cleaning two toilets so now I'm ready to write my first blog. As you can read, I am a christian, so I thought a good way to get started would be to tell you how I got saved. Picture a five year old little girl visiting her grandparents church (Her parents did not go to church and she did not know what to expect.)
Some Kid- "Hey, you know that Christmas is Jesus birthday?"
Sonda- "Jesus? Who's Jesus?"
Some Kid- "You don't know who Jesus is dumbbell?" (pointing and laughing follow)
Sonda- "No" spoken with feelings of embarrassment and that I was missing something

Later on my Aunt Linda and Grandma began planting seeds of spirituality in me that have grown me into who I am to day. More details on this journey to follow.